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This paper examined the contemporary security challenges facing Nigeria, such as, army/shiite clashes, Boko Haram terrorism, herdsmen/farmers clashes, kidnapping, banditry, cattle rustling, arms smuggling, militancy, illicit proliferation of small arms, violent extremism and insecurity amongst other violent crimes in Nigeria. The paper focused on the strategies to improve on the security situation in Nigeria. It noted that the recent history of Nigeria, is faced with complex, transnational and technology driven security threats. The paper outlined diverse ways, especially in the areas of criminal information processing and sharing, global monitoring and methods to apprehend criminal elements in Nigeria. It also discussed some evolved workable strategies towards tackling the insecurity threats in a coordinated and sustainable manner. The aim of the paper is to make Nigeria a safer country for the people to live in peace and harmony. The study adopted the descriptive methodology. It drew upon primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include oral information and secondary sources include newspapers and books.


Insecurity, Challenges, Curbing Crimes, Peace, Nigeria

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